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Physical Education


Jenda Ballard
Girl's PE

Kevin Grell
Boy's PE

Course Requirements
(full year) 

This course is designed to present basic skills, rules and regulations of team sports, individual and lifetime sports for personal improvement in physical fitness. It will encompass strategies for lifelong wellness, including maintaining fitness and learning about healthy lifestyle choices. 


This course is for specific sports activities to help students develop knowledge, experience and skills in a single sport or activity (such as football, baseball, softball, basketball, cross country, track and field and wrestling). This is an interscholastic sports program available for students playing a specific sport at CVHS. 
Prerequisite: Approval of Head Coach or Athletic Director. 

(full year) 

The focus on this course is on conditioning and maintaining fitness throughout the year. 
Prerequisite: Lifetime Health and Fitness or instructor’s approval. 

(full year) 

This elective course is for female students wanting to improve their overall fitness. This course is designed to incorporate the CURVES equipment to improve muscular strength but also includes the following: hand weights, balance balls, step aerobics, plyometric, walking indoors and Zumba fitness routines that help strengthen our cardio-respiratory endurance. Let’s have fun and let’s get fit. 
Prerequisite: Lifetime Health and Fitness or instructor’s approval. 
(full year) 

This class is designed as a non-traditional Physical Education class in that the main team sports will not be emphasized. The main emphasis will be focused on activities such as Outdoor Skills, Golf, Ultimate Frisbee, and Archery to name a few activities. The activities that we will be participating in will not generally require the students to change into P.E. clothes; they may participate in their school clothes. 
Prerequisite: Lifetime Health and Fitness or instructor’s approval 


Students who participate in a full season of a sport can earn a quarter (.25) credit. This credit is issued as a “Pass” and does not factor into a student’s GPA. 

(full year) 

This course is based on the Special Olympics Unified Sports® Program. Unified Sports® combines students with intellectual disabilities (athletes) and students without disabilities (partners) for sports training and competition. Unified Sports® creates unique teammate bonds through sports experiences. These experiences create a culture of inclusion and foster understanding among students of all abilities. The sports include basketball, flag football, floor hockey, soccer, and volleyball. Students will have the opportunity to compete in Special Olympics Area and State Games. 
Prerequisite: Must fill out an application and be approved by the Unified Sports coordinator.